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My name is Rachel M, I am a Chiropractor in TN, and I have been sending my films to Dr. Gajeski for the past year. Managing an office is difficult, even with help, the last thing I need is to worry about missing a lesion on a film. Having Dr. Gajeski interpret my films provides security and peace of mind for myself and my patients. Within the last month Dr. Gajeski has notified me of 3 different patients with abnormal findings (ie: thyroid lesion, enlarged sella turcica, etc). Dr. Gajeski has found several medical conditions on my films that I have either missed or was unsure of the type of pathology present, however there are many other positive attributes to working with her. Receiving reports from Dr. Gajeski are both cost effective and timely. The reports are completed professionally and very useful for a PI report or providing medical necessity. I would highly recommend her services.
Dr. Rachel M.
Cleveland, TN
I have used Safeguard radiology for years. I find Dr. Gajeski to be very professional. Her reports are excellent and always done in a timely manner. Her staff is friendly and a pleasure to deal with over the phone. Dr. Gajeski has been an excellent resource when dealing with difficult clinical cases. She is knowledgeable and always available and willing to help. I would highly recommend her services to anyone.
Dr. David T.
Delaware, OH
I would like to share with you the benefits that my office receives using Safeguard Radiology. Dr. Gajeski has read films for me for over a decade. She has limited my exposure to any findings that I have been uncomfortable about and needed a second set of eyes to make the correct diagnosis. Dr. Gajeski has found two different Thyroid Cancers, and a number of radiographic findings that I am just not able to discern. I fully support and recommend using Safeguard Radiology to Safeguard your practice.
Dr. John R.
Monroe, NC
I am a board-certified orthopedist. I insist on a complete examination and work-up of every patient. Safeguard Radiology increases the confidence that comes from knowing a thorough work-up has been done. I also appreciate the added peace of mind Safeguard Radiology provides for my practice.
Dr. Kirk M.
Clarksville, IN
I have been utilizing Safeguard Radiology’s film interpretation service for approximately 10 years, sending all of my x-rays to Safeguard for interpretation. Dr. Gajeski and her staff are friendly, readily available and very easy to work with. I really value the peace of mind that comes with having Dr Gajeski read all of my x-rays. It allows me to focus my energy on my patient care as well as office management. My patients appreciate the extra step of having their x-rays read by a radiologist. Her radiology reports are precise and professional and have been such an asset to have in the patient file on many occasions when records were requested from third party auditors, attorneys and other physicians. Safeguard’s interpretation fees have always been affordable, and they have set up a monthly billing plan that fits my office needs. I highly recommend sending your x-rays to Safeguard for interpretation!
Dr. Rich Z.
Clarksville, IN

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