Brooke Gajeski

Your Partner in Diagnostic Confidence

Providing specialized diagnostic imaging interpretation and consultation services to physicians and their patients, with a focus on speed, affordability, and convenience.

PACE Recognized Chiropractic CE Provider

Brooke Gajeski, D.C., D.A.C.B.R

Are you putting yourself and your patients at risk?

Improper diagnostic reporting can lead to serious consequences including misdiagnosis, inefficiency, legal liability, damage to professional reputation, patient harm and loss of trust in the healthcare system. Inaccurate or incomplete diagnostic reports can result in delayed or inappropriate treatment, increasing healthcare costs, harm to patients and damage to reputation.

It is crucial that diagnostic reports are accurate and complete to ensure the best possible outcomes for patients and minimize risks for healthcare providers.

My Commitment to You

“I am committed to taking on the burden of radiographic diagnostic interpretation and reporting, allowing you to focus on providing top-notch patient care. Whether you’re seeking annual continuing education credits or a reliable, expert radiologist, you can trust that your needs will be efficiently handled with me on your team.”

Brooke Gajeski
Owner, Safeguard Radiology

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Can you imagine a seminar that not only provided your license renewal, but also strengthened and improved your practice? What if it actually helped grow and increase your profitability? Brooke Gajeski may humbly introduce herself as your DACBR, but her seminars are also highly esteemed in the industry.

Radiology Services

Safeguard Radiology offers fast, convenient, professional diagnostic imaging interpretation and consultation. If you are seeking a reliable interpretation expert, you can trust that your needs will be expertly and efficiently handled with Dr. Gajeski on your team.


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