Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most commonly asked questions about radiology.

Quality, narrative radiology reports are the standard of care in other health care disciplines. Chiropractic practice is no exception. The missed radiographic diagnosis is one of the most common reasons for being sued in a malpractice claim. Having your x-rays read by Safeguard Radiology not only increases the professionalism and credibility in your office, but also gives you the peace of mind in knowing your patients’ x-rays have been thoroughly evaluated for pathology by a board-certified chiropractic radiologist.

Report writing is time-consuming. Having Safeguard Radiology read your patient x-rays allows you to concentrate on patient care and other areas of office management, effectively increasing your time and bottom dollar. Also, in the age of electronic health records and increasingly stringent documentation requirements for health care providers, a professional radiology report will be in the patient file when requested or subpoenaed by an attorney, insurance carrier, or other health care facility.

Yes. Safeguard can bill PI, Worker’s Compensation and insurance claims directly. We also offer a very affordable cash rate for x-ray interpretation, with our bulk x-ray interpretation rates among the lowest in the industry. We also offer flexible payment options for your convenience.

No. Our quick and simple “3-Step” process gets your patient x-rays to our office without a lot of hassle for you or your staff.

All images are interpreted in the order they are received. A 24-72 turnaround is standard. Urgent interpretations can be performed immediately upon request. A slight delay may be expected in the event of holidays, weekends and illness.

Dr. Gajeski will contact the referring physician immediately by phone if urgent findings are noted on your patient x-rays. Reports with non-urgent findings that require follow-up will be emailed to the referring physician immediately upon interpretation.

Yes. We offer free upload of digital images to our secure, online remote PACS service. Call our office today for more details and to get started uploading your digital images.

Yes. Dr. Gajeski can evaluate the quality of your films at the time of interpretation and consult with you regarding how to improve the quality of your radiographic images.